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Iconic Lands, Extraordinary People

Essential to America’s great landscapes and the people, economies and wildlife that depend on them are critically situated, privately owned lands. These are lands of significant and under-rated value for public resources that supply essential services and benefits to citizens across the nation. These are the watersheds that store drinking water for America’s cities; these are the essential winter ranges and migratory habitats for game species from ducks to deer; these are the meadows and fields that grow food and offer national food security; these are the open lands that buffer streams and rivers carrying water and nutrients for commerce, recreation and agriculture; that raise beef, sheep and wildlife; that are the majestic views; the rolling hills and temperate bottomlands that support the natural and economic health of our nation. The private lands of America -- particularly in the West and High Plains -- link the blocks of public land into iconic, productive landscapes, and are lifelines for species migration. They are the necessary pieces of the puzzle that matter economically, culturally, aesthetically and scientifically to America’s future. Development of critically situated, privately owned lands will irreversibly

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*Ecosystem services are: Flood Control, Carbon Sequestration, Erosion Control, Natural Purification of Water, Habitat, Nutrient Regulation, Soil Retention, Pollination, Recreation, Aesthetic and Amenity